Kerr Building

LOCATION Coldwater, Michigan


Jennifer Wingard, a resident of Coldwater, Michigan with extensive family ties to the area, had a vision to renovate a series of three, contiguous buildings in the downtown Coldwater Historic District into a mixed-use residential and commercial property. The buildings are now collectively referred to as the Kerr Building.

The first building was constructed in 1891 as a hardware store, and the second building was built in 1949 to expand the hardware store. The third building was built in 1882 by Alfred Milnes for his mercantile business known as “The Fair”, which served as a dry goods store.

Kerr Building - Exterior

The renovation of the Kerr Building was spurred by the 2011 renovation of the Tibbits Opera House, located adjacent to the Kerr Building.

The project received funding from over ten funding sources. MSHDA assisted through a Rental Rehabilitation Grant, and a CDBG Grant and CDBG Revolving Loan helped build-out the first-floor commercial space. InSite Capital was involved in the entire process and helped Jennifer with construction and bridge lending and support for structuring and utilizing tax credits.

Jennifer Wingard and the city of Coldwater invested a significant amount of time, effort, and financial assistance to support and renovate the property. Recently completed in April, 2015, the project has served as a catalyst for continued activity in downtown Coldwater. The project provides the residents of Coldwater with a mix of market-rate and affordable housing options in the heart of downtown Coldwater.

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